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Mutually Successful Partnership

B.L. Rieke Custom Homes
Member Since 2008

Lower Prices

ABg leverages the collective purchasing power of exclusive groups in regional markets to dramatically lower prices on building materials and services.

Vendor Rebates

ABg also negotiates back-end rebates on all builder purchases from ABg preferred vendors, which generates even more savings on top of lower invoice prices.

Manufacturer Rebates

ABg builders can further lower their costs by specifying ABg manufacturer partners, providing a third level of savings.

Best Practices

ABg facilitates communication and cooperation among builders in markets we represent, which provides a forum for builders to share best practices and have open dialogues about local issues and national trends.

Extra Resources

ABg devotes considerable resources to researching, tracking and negotiating prices to ensure that ABg builders retain industry-leading prices and incentives. We are an extension of all the companies we represent.

Enhanced Service Levels

Preferred vendors work closely with ABg builders by supplying them with enhanced service levels and special buying opportunities not otherwise available outside of an ABg-affiliated group.

Rodrock Homes

"ABg has positively impacted the net profitability of Rodrock Homes by leveraging the volume of the group. We view ABg as an extension of our in-house purchasing department. The result has been twofold: a reduction in overhead costs that typically are associated with purchasing and better pricing on our products. In our market, the pricing that ABg has delivered to us is something we could not have done on our own."

Brian Rodrock
Member Since 2008

B. L. Rieke Custom Homes

"In the midst of difficult market conditions, ABg has been a breath of fresh air! Allowing ABg to facilitate the negotiations of my building materials has not only provided my company a competitive advantage in the market, but has eliminated much of the time spent in managing this critical component of my business. ABg would be a great asset to anyone in the home building industry!"

Bruce Rieke
Member Since 2008
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