In 2006, Todd Waddle and Hai Bui were bankers working predominantly with residential home builders when they identified a need in the home building industry. They both worked with, or knew of, home builders that were market-leading companies in their own right and who simply did not possess the volume to negotiate pricing at the same level of many of the larger regional and/or national companies they competed with daily. Utilizing Todd's professional background in industrial distribution and Hai's residential construction finance expertise, they formed Affiliated Builders Group (ABg). By assembling a small exclusive group of market-leading home building companies and using the collective volume of the group, the partners believed they could lower direct material costs and increase profitability for the companies they would soon represent.

For more than a year, their "corporate headquarters" was an Oklahoma City bagel shop, where they built the infrastructure for ABg to level the playing field for the independent home builder. While developing their business plan on napkins was challenging, Todd and Hai knew one thing was certain: ABg would be successful if they assembled groups comprised of exceptionally well-run, financially sound, and highly committed home builders. They knew that a group would only be as strong as its weakest link and that the companies they would represent needed to be successful before involvement with ABg. The ultimate goal of ABg would be to position the group's volume to create a competitive advantage in the market. The builder's responsibility would be to direct their purchases to vendors selected by the group, evolving into a singular buying entity.

Hai Bui
Todd Waddle

Soon after forming groups in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Kansas City, the residential construction industry nationally took a dramatic downturn. A difficult and declining market was the ideal time for ABg to prove it could help its members save on pricing and increase profitability. Today, many of those initial builders make it clear that by joining ABg their company was able to survive the downturn. Many years later, the groups established are strong and flourishing as cohesive buying groups and enjoying increased profitability.

Since 2007, ABg has added several markets, further strengthening the footprint of ABg as the leading home builder buying group in the nation. Other markets are currently being established or targeted for expansion. ABg now has a staff of 13 employees dedicated to its members.

ABg aligns its members with suppliers committed to removing cost redundancies and process inefficiencies from the traditional relationship. With an emphasis placed on market growth and driving out unnecessary costs, ABg members are able to realize a distinct advantage over their equal size competitors and level the competitive landscape against the large regional and national builders. We remain proud to represent the best independent home builders across the country.

GE Appliances Partnership

"Louisville-based GE Appliances, part of Haier Group Corp., has formed a new partnership with Affiliated Builders Group, a buying group for the residential construction industry based in Edmond, Okla."
- Louisville Business

Strength in Numbers

"Affiliated Builders Group, another home builders co-op, which is based in Edmond, Okla., has more than 100 builders that collectively boast 3,500 starts and over $1 billion in annual revenue, would be among the top 20 Housing Giants."
- Custom Builder

Purchase Power

"Builders are challenged by more demanding building codes from municipalities, rising costs for oil-based materials and customers demanding more creative features in every home. In this environment it becomes necessary to eliminate inefficiency, waste and duplication; it is also critical to 'buy right'."
- Covenant Homes

Edmond-based Affiliated Builders Group helps homebuilders pool resources

"The idea behind ABg was simple: Put the power of numbers to work for homebuilders. It's a concept familiar to their vendors and suppliers, who routinely pool their resources in buying groups across the country, but it was new territory for homebuilders."
- NewsOK

Todd Waddle
Todd brings more than 20 years of experience working in the industrial distribution and residential construction industries. His in-depth knowledge of how builder/vendor relationships impact efficiencies, processes and ultimately profitability, enables ABg to provide valuable insight to both the contractor and their supply partner. Working directly with the principals of these companies allows Todd to share his unique perspective into how managing cost together can provide positive impact to both parties. Todd earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Distribution from Texas A&M University.

Hai Bui
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer
Hai brings more than 13 years of experience working in the banking industry. His in-depth knowledge of cash flow management and its impact on return on assets enable ABg to provide valuable financial insight to the contractors, distributors, and manufacturers. Working directly with the principals of these companies allows Hai to share his unique perspective into the processes and profitability of the construction industry. Hai earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with Special Distinction in Finance from the University of Oklahoma.

Kevin Corbett
Executive Vice President
Kevin joined ABg in 2015, bringing more than 27 years of experience leading campaigns that raised more than $2 billion in capital for many universities across the country and managing a 42,000 person worldwide membership organization. Kevin's role today is to strengthen member communications, marketing, and expand ABg into new markets using his executive-level experience managing boards and national partnerships as well as building strong relationships among diverse audiences. Kevin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Kansas.

Andy Pellegrin
Vice President of Market Relations
Starting in the industry as a project manager and then operating as a licensed home builder and business owner has allowed Andy to bring great insight to the needs that each of our members have in the field and working with potential home buyers. Having managed both new construction and remodeling projects has shaped his perspective and serves as a valuable asset in relation to working with our affiliates. As a lifelong resident of South Louisiana and a builder dealing with multiple vendors and sub-contractors, Andy possesses a good understanding of the strengths and limitations of the vendor and trade base in his respective market. He also understands the difference between low price versus low cost partner. Having to depend on suppliers in the field gives Andy a greater understanding of what makes a good supply partner.

Kirk Lewellen
Vice President of Market Relations
Kirk joined ABg following a 31-year career in the marine industry with a skill set that includes construction, purchasing, customer service, sales, and executive management. During his career, he has successfully forged and sustained partnerships with long-time customers while managing market based purchases of high cost, high value product between the manufacturer and dealer. His extensive experience in relationship building, managing multiple tasks, and communications strengthens ABg’s commitment to best serve member affiliates. Kirk is a middle Tennessee native and studied Computer Science at Nashville State Technical institute.

Adrianne Adams
Rebate Specialist

Ali Davis
Rebate Specialist

Jill Corbett
Document Specialist

Madeline Bui

Peter Bui
Web / Rebate Specialist

Sean Taylor
Estimator / Material Specialist

Steven Adams
Estimator / Material Specialist

Toni Waddle

Mission Statement
ABg is dedicated to increasing the market share and profitability of our members.

In pursuit of our mission, ABg is committed to the following seven values:

1. Respecting and supporting the independence of each builder and preferred vendor
2. Recognizing the value of long-term relationships over short-term gains
3. Assuring that all aspects of our business are conducting with a commitment to excellence
4. Conducting our business in a professional and ethical manner
5. Respecting and supporting the role of our suppliers' local representatives
6. Supporting industry-wide initiatives and trade association activities which allow for greater efficiency, broad standardization, and improved education
7. Providing for continuous improvement based on builder and preferred vendor input

In pursuit of our mission, ABg is committed to the following four strategies:

1. Building our reputation as the leading cost management group supporting the best contractors in the construction industry. We are committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with contractors in geographically distinct markets throughout North America. We will align ourselves with contractors who are:
        - Financially sound
        - Professionally managed and committed to process change that directly affects profitability
        - Dedicated to building the best quality products in their market

2. Forging long-term, mutually beneficial marketing partnerships with a limited number of preferred vendors who:
        - Best satisfy the needs of the maximum number of builders
        - Provide quality products and local distribution
        - Demonstrate commitment to ABg's mission via:
            a. Identifying business practices that drive up costs
            b. Developing strong relationships with builders
            c. Including builders in exclusive product promotions
            d. A profit enhancement program commensurate with the value we provide

3. Enhancing existing relationships between our builders and preferred vendors by:
        - Facilitating the lawful exchange of information
        - Providing forums and/or media for education
        - Sponsoring events designed for face-to-face contact between principals and key associates of our builders and preferred vendors

4. Measuring success by the ability of our builders and preferred vendors to grow their local and regional market share at a rate which exceeds overall market growth

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